Technology in Astronomy

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Title: A cryogenic ion-trap for astrochemical studies

Martinez, Nicolas

Nicolas Martinez, Stefano Bovino, Rodrigo Reeves. Universidad de Concepción

Abstract: We present the design for a new experiment currently being developed in Universidad de Concepcion. This new experiment called "Cosmic Dust Experiment", CoDE, is an action nanoparticle mass spectrometer with a non destructive measurement system. This device will allow for continuous measurement of the sample for an indeterminate amount of time. The design is based on previous work by Tim Esser et al. (2019), Schlemmer et al. (2001) and Schlemmer et al. (2004). The nanoparticle mass spectrometer consists in a ion trap device coupled with an optical system to measure Rayleigh scattering of the trapped particle, this interference pattern can then be analysed using Fourier transform to extract the secular frequency of the particle from which the mass can be calculated. The objective of the experiment is to trap a single dust particle, this will allow us to perform temperature programmed desorption experiments on a single dust grain and measure the binding energies of astronomically relevant species. In addition, we can study the reactivity on the surface of the trapped particle, and the size dependence of said processes.

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Title: LiMe: A Line Measuring library for the chemical and kinematic analysis of the ionized gas

Fernandez, Vital

Abstract: Thanks to the new generation of telescopes and instruments in Chile, Big Data has become the default standard in astronomy. In order to improve the workflow in the ionized gas chemical and kinematic analysis, the ULS has developed LiMe. This Line Measuring python library provides a standardized treatment for both single lines and large data sets.

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